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LendLogic Rewards

1. Prominently displayed LendLogic Credits score number. **This feature is currently still in development.**
2. What are LendLogic Credits: “rewards points that promote financial education and responsible borrowing, no-cash value, but lendLogic credits are a factor in determining borrowing limits and fees and interest rates. The higher your score, the better your rates and privileges will be as a borrower. You can utilize lendLogicCredits to defer fees (you can be a few days late and not incur a late fee), to become eligible to take out small loans through Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle, and for free financial counseling coaching sessions.
3. How to earn LendLogic Credits: “responsible borrowing behavior including but not limited to, making payments on time, time as a borrower and number of successfully repaid loans, completeness of identify and income verification, providing positive or constructive feedback, paying off loans early, completing financial education and planning modules, providing successful referrals, raising your FICO credit score, and progressing through financial independence challenges. You can lose lendLogic Credits by missing payments, paying off loans late, requesting multiple adjustments to loan terms, sending checks that bounce, providing unsuccessful referrals, poor communication, providing incomplete or fraudulent verifying information, or violating the terms and services.
4. Links for financial education modules. Submit forms to verify completion. Then they should somehow be able to see a check mark or something like that next to modules that have been verified completed.